Storytelling Forum

A diverse network of storytellers, organisations and individuals supporting Scotland’s vibrant storytelling community.

A living cultural ecology with the power to inspire our modern society.


The Scottish Storytelling Forum is a membership organisation, and a Scottish Charity, dedicated to keeping the arts of live oral storytelling alive and growing.

The members elect a committee and office-bearers, with one third retiring or being re-appointed at each AGM.

The Forum is one of the three founders and members of TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland) which recognises and supports storytelling, music, dance and seasonal customs, as part of Scotland’s evolving culture.


  • Generosity: stories are gifts to be freely given & passed on
  • Gratitude: for the continuing traditions of songs & stories from Highland,Lowland & Traveller storytellers
  • Hospitality: welcoming traditions of other cultures
  • Respect: valuing traditions while fostering new developments, in Scotland & internationally
  • Inclusion: Everyone can share in storytelling, regardless of ethnicity,gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability, geography or socio-economic status


  • Promote connectivity & co-operation in the storytelling community
  • Develop effective support structures for storytelling
  • Widen access to & participation in storytelling
  • Support & nurture storytelling & demonstrate its value in Education, Heritage, Environment, Health & Wellbeing
  • Celebrate storytelling from the hearthside to the international stage

The role of the Forum is to advocate, advise and develop, so supporting the key delivery agencies including Creative Scotland & other public funders, TRACS  the Scottish Storytelling Centre.


  • Learning through peer support, workshops & mentoring
  • Communications
  • Development Events
  • Outreach Work
  • Performance Platforms

The Scottish Storytelling Forum (SC020891) is a member of TRACS (Traditional Arts and Culture Scotland).

Through TRACS, the Forum is grant-aided by Creative Scotland. However, our work depends on charitable giving and the support of our members. Please consider making a donation to the SSF, or leave a legacy to allow our work to grow.

The work of the Forum is at all times people centred, and all outreach events and projects are tailored to the needs, abilities and interests of the participants.